• Australia

    G’Day mate! Ya looking for something from the land Down Under? Why not try a true Australian beer? While Australia isn’t the most well known for Craft Beer, but that is changing fast! Our Online Beer Shop has the classics, from the ever popular VB (in Victoria at least), to the affectionately known Crownie. Stay tuned for more from this country!  

    For those who just can’t wait, why not buy your beer online today. You will be enjoying a nice cool VB before you know it!

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  • Japan

    At first thought, most people would think that Japan is the land of Sake. But, believe it beer is the most consumed drink in Japan, this is largely because Japan has some thought provoking and lovely craft beers. Brewers like Yo-Ho Brewing and Hitachino have carved a niche into the Japanese beer market and boy do they bring lots to the table. 

    Want to see what Nippon has to offer? Check out our online beer shop and place an order! Our beer deliver service will have you singing karaoke with the best of them from anywhere in Thailand.

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  • Singapore

    What’s that you say? Singapore doesn’t have any special beer? Well my friend, you are in for a treat! Beer has actually been brewed in Singapore since the 1930’s, and there are some excellent small scale craft beers being made in this crazy city. 

    Our online beer shop is proud to carry Singapore’s own Brewerkz beers, so place an order today and have it delivered anywhere in Thailand. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Sri Lanka

    Ok, let’s face it, Sri Lanka makes beer? That’s gotta be like saying Thailand is cold right? Well, believe it or not, Sri Lanka has some excellent beer which has been brewed since the 1880s. Lion Stout is a surprisingly awesome stout - worth a go! Keep your eyes peeled, as more may be coming soon. 

    If you want to let the lion out of the can, so to speak, why not place an order today and our efficient beer delivery service will bring you something to roar about. You’ll be heard from all over Thailand!

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