• Pilsner

    A Pilsner is type of light-bodied, pale lager. It’s clear in color and can range from golden yellow to pale amber. The Pilsner aroma is distinct and full of hops. It’s a moderately effervescent lager with an average alcohol content of around 5 percent. There are a few different styles of Pilsner: German-style Pilsner, Czech-style Pilsner, and the European-style Pilsner. Each variation has its own unique characteristics and qualities. While different variations of the Pilsner exist, most of them are strongly hopped with an aggressive bitterness. Nowadays, the Pilsner is the most popular style of beer in Germany.

    Our Favorites: Warsteiner Premium, Krombacher Pils, Holgate Brewhouse Pilsner

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  • Pale Lager

    Pale Lager is another one of those all encompassing terms that covers a variety of brews. A Pale Lager is any lager with very pale or golden-colored qualities usually with a well-attenuated body. This style tends to be dry, light-bodied and clean-tasting with good, easy drinkability. A well-made Pale Lager doesn’t have any one ingredient dominating the flavor. The level of hoppy bitterness is unique to each beer and depends solely on the ingredients the brewer chooses to utilize.

  • Premium Lager

    Premium Lagers have characteristics reminiscent of mass-produced Pale Lagers and craft Pilsners. Premium Lagers are typically deep golden to light bronze in color and have a well-balanced, rounded influence of malts and hops. Unlike mainstream Pale Lagers, Premium Lagers shouldn’t be made with adjuncts. This style is softly carbonated, well-balanced and easy to drink. Beers of this style feature an easy-going, very light and subtle aroma of grains or floral hops. The alcohol content of Premium Lagers can oftentimes be greater than other Lager styles.

    Premium Lagers are less common than other styles and are therefore often the product of either a microbrewery or brewpub. It should be known that many beers are marketed (and priced) as being ‘Premium’ but may not fit the definition.

    Our Favorites: Bavaria 8.6 Original

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