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Hitachino Nest Amber Ale

Country: Japan
Brewery: Kiuchi Brewery
Vol: 330ml

Carbonated dark caramel colour with a nice red tint and a lasting creamy beige head. Smells of a refreshing orange and chocolate with yeast and malt. Medium crisp smooth body. Tastes of light chocolate, malt then sour feel (orange), with some hoppy nutty finish. The flip from sweet to sour is really impressive.

Hitachino Nest Amber Ale pours a dark, caramel color with tints of red and ruby hues. The aroma is refreshing and crisp letting off hints of citrus fruit and chocolate with yeast and malt. The taste contains flavors of milk chocolate and malts while finishing on a hoppy, yet nutty note. Hitachino Nest Amber Ale can be characterized by it’s impressive flip from sweet to sour mid-drink.

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