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Beer Project Brussels Dark Sister

Like many more beers, the idea behind this beer started off with a joke. In the winter of 2013 we were looking to make a Christmas beer without the classic herbs and high alcohol content. We came up with the "evil twin" of the Delta with a variety of roasted and toasted malts to darken his soul. The community's reaction was clear : we couldn't stop making this beer. The Vox Populi reigned and the beer has risen from the dead !

According to the Anders Brewery in Belgium, the idea behind this beer started off as a joke. It’s an American Pale Ale with a sinister side which contains an evil ABV of 6.66. The Brussels Dark Sister is said to be the “evil twin” of the Brussels Delta. It contains various roasted malts and malted barley. The aroma is a bit smoked, with some dark berries and faint vanilla, caramel notes. The brew itself is a dark brown, medium body with dark ruby shadows that goes down rich and easy. 

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