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Kasteel Donker

After extensive tasting, trying to fulfil increasingly strict requirements, the brewmaster obtains a creamy, dark Belgian brown ale: Kasteelbier. The quality of the past is still unmatched and the beloved taste is very much of the present. Kasteelbier is a dark, artisanal beer, soft and mild, full and creamy. It can age for many, many years, as indicated on the bottle. 11% abv, serve at 12C

Creamy and dark, Kasteel Donker is an artisanal beer that can age for many, many years. It pours a dark, almost black hue with a thin, garnet-colored head. Kasteel Donker is quite sweet with flavors consisting of molasses, dates, and figs. The alcohol is quite evident being at 11 percent. The mouthfeel is silky, smooth with an intriguing, long-lasting effervescence. 

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