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Lucifer entrances with fresh lemon and pear aromas that brighten the beer's bready, bubblegum scents. Tickly carbonation carries soft bread notes with a bit of sugar sweetness across the palate. A tart lemon zest flavor bursts in the middle, followed by lemon pith and ripe pear. The beer's refreshingly dry finish clings to lemon and pear while a touch of alcohol warms the chest.

Fresh lemon and pear aromas entice your senses as you pour this bubbly Belgian strong ale. Lucifer tastes of lemon zest, hints of sweet sugar, and ripe pears. The mouthfeel is light- to medium-bodied and creamy with a high carbonation and a finish that is crisp and dry. Lucifer is a very well-balanced beer that is not overwhelmingly alcoholic even at 8 percent ABV. 

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