Come on you torching summer! The SHOWER BEER is ready!

Published : 04/04/2017 11:29:06
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Without a doubt, being able to sip a cold beer during a shower after a long and tiresome day is a blessing. Some people even compare it to a glimpse of Nirvana. Well, we have no idea about that but we are sure that it is one of the most pleasant experiences one could ever have.

Unlike the previous articles, we are not going to talk about all those scientific proves on the reasons behind this very satisfying sensation because we don’t have any for now. Ha!

However, we all deeply know how it feels like and we do wish for more, don’t we? This kind of positive and universal feeling always paves a way for many innovations and inventions. Shower Beer is thus born.

Shower Beer is a collaborative project between “PangPang”, a Swedish brewery, and Snask Creative Agency.       



Image frompilsen


Good things come in small packages. Shower Beer is a potent craft beer served in a cute 180ML-bottle. It is of 10% ABV sweet pale ale. It is crisp, spicy and somewhat herbal. The beer designer stated that he made it this way because he believes that the average drinkers could finish the beer quickly right before the steam, soap, shampoo and all that ruin it. 


Image fromsnask


Another interesting point is that, Mr. Fredrik Tunedal, the founder of the brewery, also suggested that his beer could also be used very well as a hair conditioner. Aha. We do believe him but we don’t think we would leave enough beer for it.We will not.

Ps; Although Shower Beer has been sold out in minutes after its first release in Swedish market, the brewery announced that the second batch is on its way and will be available in the UK and US real soon.Well, we’ll be showering “dry” in the meantime.

Nope. We were just kidding. J

Although this beer is not available in Thailand, Let's try beer mini bottles when you are taking a bath first :) bottles

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