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Bulleit Bourbon Whisky

Country: America
Vol: 700ml

Bulleit Bourbon traces its roots back to the 1830s, when founder Augustus Bulleit first produced the whiskey in Kentucky. After his untimely disappearance, production ceased, and the market was Bulleit-less until 1987, when great-great-grandson Tom Bulleit stepped in to revive the family legacy. For many years it was only distilled in tiny batches, mostly for family and friends, until it was officially relaunched in 1999. It remained a relatively difficult-to-find whiskey until joining the Diageo portfolio. While most bourbons contain just 10 to 12 percent rye grains, Bulleit Bourbon is comprised of 28 percent rye, which accounts for its bold and spicy character. Before bottling, the final 90 proof product is formulated by mingling two or three distillates to ensure consistency in taste and aroma.

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