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8 Wired C4 Double Coffee

In my opinion, coffee rivals beer for the title of "greatest beverage in the world". I often say that I would rather give up beer than coffee. So it is only natural that we would attempt to make a beverage that incorporates both. If we were to succeed, surely this would then become the greatest beverage in the world? After years of research and trials in the garage, I have come up with what I think is the perfect marriage of coffee and beer: A hoppy double brown ale, that compliments both the roasty and fruity aspects of the coffee without putting up too much of a fight. The coffee was selected in collaboration with the Christchurch institution C4 Coffee and consists mainly of lightly roasted, delicate and floral, Ethiopian beans. Worlds are colliding and, in my humble opinion, greatness is achieved on the other side.

Incorporating beer and coffee into one single beverage is something brewers have been attempting for years. 8 Wired Brewing thinks they have created the perfect marriage of what seems to be the two most popular drinks on the planet in the C4 Double Coffee. It’s a double brown ale with coffee and it sits at 8.0 ABV. The coffee flavors taste lightly roasted and delicate.

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