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Delirium Noel

Color: amber
ABV: 10%
Style:Dark Ale
Brewery: Huyghe
Country: Belgium
Vol: 330ml

Beautiful, strong, warm and festive all around! Pours a slick thick browny red with a thin yellowed head. Aroma is sweet as hell and smells like berries with malt and wheaty highlights. Tastes hits the tounge instantly, quite a sharp cherry and berry taste with the a smoother breadier taste on the middle of the tounge, spicy finish and a warming aftertaste.

Delirium Noel is Huyghe Brewery’s seasonal, festive dark ale. It’s beautiful, strong, and warm as it wraps you up in its alcoholic heat. The aroma is ‘sweet as hell’ and lets off scents of berries, malts, and wheat. The taste is impressive, with an instantaneous hit of cherry and other red berries with a soft, yeasty flavor in the middle of the tongue. The finish is long-lasting and lets off just the right amount of spice in the aftertaste. 

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