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Chambrini - 750 ml - 10% View larger

Lambrini and Chambrini Set

Color: White
Brewery: Lambrini
Country: England

This set includes :

1 x Chambrini - 750 ml - 10%

Chambrini has been created exclusively for Thailand and provides an affordable and enjoyable full sparkling perry drink. Best served at 2-4 degrees and with an alcohol content of 10%, Chambrini is the drink of choice for all celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, banquets or any special get together with friends and it pairs superbly well with all foods.

1 x Lambrini Blush - 750 ml - 7.5%

An exciting new lively pink frizzante premium perry wine created exclusively for Thailand. With an alcohol content of 7.5% and best served at 2-4 degrees, Lambrini Blush is great to drink on its own whilst relaxing and chatting with friends at any time, day or night and it shares the same characteristic quality of its bianco sister, Lambrini Original, as being a wonderful drink to compliment all foods especially Thai and spicy.

1 x Lambrini Original - 750 ml - 7.5%

Lambrini Original is a light, refreshing, bianco frizzante premium perry wine with an alcohol content of 7.5% that compliments any occasion and goes very well with all cuisines, especially Thai and other spicy foods. Lambrini Original is best served at 2-4 degrees straight into a white wine glass or used as the base for a delicious Lambrini cocktail.

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