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PREORDER Burleigh's Leicester Dry Gin

ABV: 40%
Style:Dry Gin
Brewery: Burleigh's
Country: England
Vol: 700ml

Delivery expected 25 May 2017

The worlds first Leicester Dry Gin! Proudly distilled in Leicestershire at the 45 West Distillery. Burleighs Leicester Dry Gin pays homage to our great county and Leicester City’s fairy tale Premier League winning season.

Capturing the very essence and team spirit, Burleighs Leicester Dry Gin is expertly crafted with botanicals and flavours steeped in the history of Lecestershire food and drink, making use of Thyme, Sage, Nutmeg and Mace resulting in a powerful spiced gin.

Burleigh's Leicester Dry Gin - 700 ml - 40%

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