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Erdinger Schneeweisse Winterbier

In December 1997 Erdinger Weissbräu decided to liven up the cold winter months with a new wheat beer specialty. This first beer specially brewed for the winter season was christened Erdinger Schneeweiße. Slightly darker and stronger than classic Erdinger Weissbier "with fine yeast", our new "Schneeweiße" wheat beer is a welcome change during the cold winter months - the perfect time for a little indulgence! Erdinger Schneeweiße uses the first malts from the summer harvest. It's not until mid October that the wheat beer specialty develops its amber color and spicy flavor - a result of its long maturing period. "Schneeweiße" goes particularly well with hearty food - something not uncommon during the Christmas season! The seasonal beer is available from November to February.

In the cold months of 1997, Erdinger Brewery decided to add a new wheat beer specialty to help warm up the winter. Erdinger Schneeweisse was the first beer brewed specially for the winter months. It’s slightly darker and more strong than the classic Erdinger Weissbier. Erdinger Schneeweisse is brewed with the first malts from the summer harvest which makes it ultra indulgent. It’s perfect for the Christmas season and pairs well with hearty food and good company.

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