Coedo Shiro (Hefe) - 333 ml - 5.5% - Hefeweizen View larger

Coedo Shiro (Hefe)

Color: blond
ABV: 5.5%
Brewery: Coedo
Country: Japan
Vol: 333ml

Coedo shiro is a smooth non-filtered wheat beer with a cloudy but bright golden hue. This white beer from japan has a sweet, fruity aroma of banana and cloves that comes from the use of wheat malts and a specially selected top fermentation yeast. It uses the japanese word for white for its hefeweizen, as a way to capture not only its right colour, but also its distinctively gentle character.

This unfiltered wheat beer pours a hazy, bright golden yellow color. Coedo Shiro features a sweet, decadent, fruity aroma of banana, caramel, and cloves. The flavor follows the aroma being rich of bananas and a hint of sweetness. Overall, it’s fairly light in body and in bitterness creating both a pleasant and mild experience on the tongue. 

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