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De Graal Gember

Medium to smaller vast and slowly changing white head on top of a hazy yellow colored beer. Aromas of ginger, malts, hops, soap, flowers, herbs, flowers, light floral. Flavours are well mixed and balanced within a thicker creamy mix of ginger, malts, bitters, herbs, light yeast, cream, cabbage, light hops, yeast, honey, bitters. Aftertaste is a mix of bitters, herbs, floral, malts, ginger and cabbage. Low carbo, creamy mouthfeel, well balanced medium body and a thick creamy oily texture.

De Graal Gember is a ginger-spiced beer with a slowly changing white head on top of a hazy, yellow colored beer. It let’s off an aroma of ginger, malts, floral notes, and herbs. Well-balanced flavors of yeast, light hops, honey, and bitters create a medium body with a thick, creamy texture and a bitter aftertaste. 

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