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Dupont Monk's Stout

Color: Black
ABV: 5.2%

Pours pitch black with a frothy light brown head that leaves heavy lacing. Roasty and chocolaty nose with a suggestion of Dupont yeast. The flavor is very chocolaty with a little burnt malt. Wonderful yeast character. Full rich mouthfeel with a delicious creamy texture. The soft carbonation really enhances the mouthfeel.

Pouring a pitch black hue, Dupont Monk’s stout develops a rich, frothy brown head which leaves heavy lacing on the glass. The nose is of roasted coffee and chocolate with a hint of Dupont yeast. The flavor follows the aroma being of chocolate and some roasted malt notes. Dupont Monk’s Stout has a deliciously creamy texture and a soft carbonation which really enhances the experience of this classic brew. 

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