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Gallia Lager

Color: Blond
ABV: 5.5%
Style:Pale Lager
Brewery: Gallia
Country: France
Vol: 330ml

Commercial Description: A bottled pale lager intended as an historic copy of a Parisian beer brand from 1890. Initally brewed at Nymburk, then Sutter and now, until the Gallia plant is open - at Gayant. Gentle butter and bitter orange flavour, good hoppy finish.

Intended as a historic copy of a Parisian beer brand from the late 1800s, Gallia Lager tastes of malts, light butter, and honey. The aroma is grainy and hoppy. Gallia Lager is medium-bodied and it’s bitterness is not overwhelming making it a good choice for a hot day.

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