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Brewdog Dog B

Country: Scotland
Brewery: Brewdog
Vol: 330ml

Dog B is a very special beer. It was released to commemorate Brewdog's 6th anniversary. Dog B is a 15.1% Imperial Stout brewed with copious amounts of dark malts, pure cacao and coffee, balanced by the subtle addition of naga chilli. Perfect for ageing in your cellar or drinking fresh if you are lucky enough to get your paws on a bottle.

It’s quite possible this is one of the most special beers of the Brewdog selection. It was released in order to commemorate Brewdog’s 6th anniversary. The Brewdog Dog B is at a staggering 15.1 ABV brewed with large amounts of dark malts, pure cacao, and coffee with a small addition of naga chili. The aromas are that of licorice, yeast, and chocolate. 

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