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Fuller's London India Pale Ale

A classic India Pale Ale from Fuller's, the beer is pale in colour, full-bodied with a distinctive hoppiness that marks it out as a true India Pale Ale. There's an almost pineapple-like tropical fruit character, too, with everything built on a sturdy bed of biscuity pale and crystal malt. A little peppery warmth reminds you that this is not exactly a quaffing beer, but the way the leafy hops and their tangy fruit dominate the very dry finish means that you're hardly likely to bolt the glass anyway. In short, it's a solid, satisfying beer with bags of character.

This is a classic from the Fuller’s. It’s pale in color and full-bodied with a distinctive hoppiness that really characterizes it as a typical IPA. Fuller’s London India Pale Ale contains an almost pineapple, tropical fruit-like character that sets up on a bed of pale biscuits and malts. It’s highly refreshing and drinkable. 

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