McEwan's IPA - 500ml - 4.3% - India Pale Ale (IPA) View larger Best before: 11/2018

McEwan’s IPA

McEwan's IPA can trace its heritage back to the 1860s ale that was made for the 18,000 mile journey to India. Over 150 years later, our expert brewers have been inspired to produce a classic full-flavoured, hoppy ale that delivers a citrus fruit aroma and a dry, refreshing finish.

Originally brewed in 1860 as an ale to bring along for the 18,000 mile journey to india, McEwen’s IPA continues to grow in flavor and complexity. It’s a hoppy ale with full flavor that boasts a citrus and lemon peel aroma with a crisp, dry, and refreshing finish. With a light body and fine carbonation, McEwen’s IPA is easy to drink and thirst quenching. 

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