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Menabrea 1846

Color: Blond
Style:Pale Lager
ABV: 4.8%
Country: Italy
Brewery: Menabrea
Vol: 330ml

A well-balanced beer with a marked floral fruitiness coming through from the aromatic yeasts used in its production. Pale golden with medium white head. Aroma with floral hopp notes, malt, bread. Taste bitter hopps after a while malt dominates, some bitterness in the finish.

This well-balanced pale lager can be characterized by the floral fruitiness which is best experienced through the aroma. It pours a pale, golden hue forming a big, foamy white head. Menabrea 1846 tastes fairly bitter with delectable flavors of slightly sweet malts, toasted breads, and bitter hops. The finish is dominantly bitter and dry which can be thanks to the hand-selected yeasts used in the brewing process. 

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