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Coedo Kyara (Amber)

Kyara is the japanese word for a deep golden brown colour, tinged with red and gives its name to this beer of the same hue. Aromatic hops carry notes of white grapes and spicy citrus, while a fresh, clean bitterness unfolds on the palate. Six different malts are combined with a slightly higher than average alcohol content. This brings a more expansive flavour to this well-rounded, medium-bodied brew. Low-temperature lager yeasts make this a stand-up beer, with a pleasant, crisp finish.

In Japanese, the word kyara describes a deep, golden brown color. The Coedo Kyara pours this beautiful amber hue which is where the beer gets its name. The aroma is off white grapes, spicy citrus, and a mild sweetness. Flavors of caramel, lemon zest, and some fruity sweetness are balanced superbly with a moderate bitterness. It’s a medium-bodied pale lager with a light crispness that is easy to drink.

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