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Borealis Rare Iceberg Beer

Color: Blond
ABV: 5%
Brewery: Borealis
Country: Canada
Vol: 355ml
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"Borealis Rare Iceberg Beer” a luxury beer from Canada. Borealis Rare Iceberg Beer is produced exclusively from icebergs harvested off Canada's north east coast.

These icebergs, some as old as 200,000 years, yield the purest natural source of water on Earth, and the only water that is still in its true original form."
200,000 years to produce Worth waiting for...

The Borealis Rare Iceberg Beer is a high-quality, luxury beer from Canada. It is produced exclusively from icebergs harvested off the north east coast. The icebergs can be as old as 200,000 years and produce the most pure water on Earth. The packaging is exquisite, standing out amongst others. It’s a refreshing, light tasting beer that is easy drinking. 

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