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Old Pascas Jamaica Dark Rum 73%

ABV: 73%
Style:Dark Rum
Brewery: Old Pascas
Country: Jamaica
Vol: 700ml

Heavy Bodied Overproof Rum.

Old Pascas is a premium international rum brand, the range of which combines the "best of the Caribbean" rum from Barbados and Jamaica.

Jamaica, the region from which Old Pascas 73% originates, is synonymous with the typical heavy, aromatic rums of the Caribbean. Its unmistakable flavour is valued throughout the world. Produced using the complex copper pot still method, Old Pascas 73% contains a significant proportion of the strongly aromatic elements that - in conjunction with a long time spent maturing in oak casks - produce the distinctly spicy, strong and full flavour that characterises a full or heavy bodied rum. 

Even when used very sparingly, this "heavy bodied overproof rum" adds to any cocktail the strong note of rum that's typical of Jamaica, and is an essential element of the popular Zombie, for example. In fine cuisine, Old Pascas Jamaica 73 % is used to aromatise dishes, to flambé and for adding that special "kick of Jamaica" to tea or grog.

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