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Amager Hr. Frederiksen

Named after a friend of the brewery, Peter Frederiksen, this beer is an Imperial Stout that is said to resemble it's namesake's "pitch-black humor" and powerful personality. Modeled after the American style, it is dense and creamy, with a light brown head that leaves a delicate lace in the glass. The brewers admit that they "have gone crazy with the malt in this beer". They use 8 different varieties, which accounts for Hr. Frederiksen's color and texture, and the fact that it is almost a meal in a bottle. American Centennial hops balance the roasty bitterness, and add floral, fruity aromas. Resist drinking Hr. Frederiksen too quickly. Peter is energetic and witty, and he likes to stay for the evening. The beer is also an experience to be enjoyed slowly, but with gusto.

Named after a friend of the brewery, Peter Frederiksen, this Russian imperial stout has a powerful personality. It’s dense, creamy malt flavors make it hard to resist. A light brown head leaves a delicate, soft lace in the glass. Floral, fruity aromas add to the complex, roasted bitterness. There’s a prominent caramel flavor that lingers and eventually turns into an almost bitter burnt taste in the best way possible.

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