Donnhoff Brücke Riesling Eiswein (375 cc) - Germany - 750ml View larger

Donnhoff Brücke Riesling Eiswein (375 cc)

Color: White
Style:White Wine
Brewery: Donnhoff
Country: Germany
Vol: 750ml
Region: Nahe
Vintage: 2012

Near colorless in the glass, this wine smells of candied green apple and honey. On the palate, mouthwatering green apple, apricot, and honey flavors are backed by incredible acidity that in turn is backed with a slight salinity. Thanks to the incredibly high acidity, the wine comes of as slightly less sweet than an auslese even though it has substantially higher sugars. Nice silky texture, but lighter than you'd expect for an icewine. 

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฿ 13,620

Reference: 15021315

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