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Wychwood Scarecrow

สี: amber
ชนิด:English Pale Ale
ความเข้มข้น: 4.7%
ประเทศ: England
ผู้ผลิต: Wychwood (Marston’s)
ปริมาณ: 500ml

Traditionally craft brewed in Oxfordshire using organically grown English Barley Malt and Organic Target Hops. Scarecrow is a wonderfully refreshing Golden Ale evoking lazy, hazy days of summer in golden meadows & ripe barleyfields. A winning combination of tart citric fruit flavours perfectly balanced by a rich biscuity maltiness and rounded off with a spicy bittersweet finish.

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฿ 181.30
Reference: 1180204

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