Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail (Can) - 355ml - 13.0% ดูภาพขยาย Out of stock

Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail (Can)

สี: amber
ชนิด:Imperial IPA
ความเข้มข้น: 13%
ประเทศ: America
ผู้ผลิต: Evil Twin Brewing
ปริมาณ: 355ml

Did you like Before During and after Christmas? Maybe thought it pored brilliantly, the alcohol was admirable well hidden and you loved how the arrogant amount of hops numbed you. This beer will knock your tongue off, essentially due to the obscure amount of hops that went down this explosive fella – it’s a tour de force in hoppyness and by far the craziest beer ever made from Evil Twin – but not the last.


฿ 289
Reference: 1360662

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