Mikkeller San Diego Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Can) - 473ml - 10.9% ดูภาพขยาย Out of stock

Mikkeller San Diego Beer Geek Brunch...

สี: black
ชนิด:Imperial Stout
ความเข้มข้น: 10.9%
ผู้ผลิต: Mikkeller San Diego
ประเทศ: America
ปริมาณ: 473ml

Stout made with Cà Phê Chồn - one of the world's rarest coffees, imported from Vietnam. Coffee beans are collected, cleaned and roasted after going through the digestive tract of the luwak, a type of civet with very particular tastes. Roasted malt links coffee, citrus and dark chocolate to form a potent brew leading to a hoppy, happy, bitter citrus finish.


฿ 449
Reference: 1342241

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