Paul's Beer Deception DDH Pale Ale - 330ml - 6.5% ดูภาพขยาย Out of stock

Paul's Beer Deception DDH Pale Ale

สี: blond
ความเข้มข้น: 6.5%
ชนิด:Pale Ale
ผู้ผลิต: Paul's Beer
ประเทศ: Thailand
ปริมาณ: 485ml

Paul's DDH Pale Ale, 

ABV 6.5
IBU 28
Donít let the low ABV and low IBU fool you, this beer is brewed in the finest traditions of New York Hipsters. Shock full with aromatic juicy hops, with a middle of the road mouthfeel. Prepare yourself for an orgy of pleasure, from the first sip. Packed in half litre sunlight proof cans, this beer taste just the same as out of the fermenter. With production, just across the border, couple of hours of driving, no long trips across the ocean. Hoppy beers are meant to be drank fresh.


฿ 279
Reference: 1542701

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