Don Papa Premium Rum - Rum - 700ml - 40% ดูภาพขยาย

Don Papa Premium Rum

ชนิด:Dark Rum
ความเข้มข้น: 40%
ประเทศ: Philippines
ผู้ผลิต: Don Papa
ปริมาณ: 700ml

Don Papa Rum or the The Don, was inspired by the story of one of the unsung heroes of the Philippine revolution: Dionisio Magbuelas, better known locally as "Papa" Isio, who played a key role during the late 19th-century Philippine Revolution. Don Papa Rum embodies Papa Isio's spirit of independence, irreverence and sense of justice. Distilled from some of the finest sugar cane in the world, Don Papa is first aged 7 years in oak barrels in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon before being blended to perfection.


฿ 1,625

Reference: 1082401

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