Knipser Gewürztraminer & Riesling - Germany - 750ml ดูภาพขยาย

Knipser Gewürztraminer & Riesling

สี: white
ชนิด:White Wine
ประเทศ: Germany
ผู้ผลิต: Knipser
ปริมาณ: 750ml
Region: Pfalz
Vintage: 2016

Traditional cuvée which is often not declared. From time immemorial, the cellar masters like to add a certain amount of Riesling to the Gewürztraminer. Because fully ripe Gewürztraminer grapes usually have an extremely low acidity during the harvest, which then makes the wine appear dull and tired on the palate. The addition of Riesling brings the wine through its fresh acid again in the taste balance.Aromatic, in aroma and flavor, but still dominates the Gewürztraminer with its reminiscent of lychee and rose petals. Soft and creamy on the palate with a fine baked apple note. Selective hand picking in one of the oldest Knipser vineyards. 51% Gewürztraminer, 49% Riesling. 


฿ 1,920

Reference: 15022002

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